Woman discovers fly eggs on her 4Fingers fried chicken… After eating halfway!

Something tells me it wasn’t finger linkin’ good.

Fried chicken is probably one of the best comfort foods around. But I think it’s served best without any extra… toppings.

But that’s exactly what happened to Felicia Chuah during her lunch last Monday (8th October) that she found fly eggs on her Korean fried chicken! The post went viral with over 2000 shares to date.

She posted photos on Facebook of the unfortunate incident which occurred at the Gurney Paragon branch of 4Fingers in Penang.

4Fingers is a Singaporean owned fast food chain that operates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

Take a look at the Images of her receipt and half-eaten fried chicken with white specks which kinda look like fly eggs.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

In her post, she wrote that it was disgusting that she and her lunch buddy already ate half of the box.

“I’m saying that when everyone eats, your eyes should be open as widely as possible to notice what exactly is being consumed.”

– Felicia Chuah

Her receipt shows that she ordered an 18 piece combo, all soy with some fries and Sjora. You know, in case you need a recommendation the next time you order.

Photo: Facebook

Some commenters urged her to record a video and report to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Trade.

According to World of Buzz, the CEO of 4Fingers has responded to the incident by saying that he is working to understand what happened:

“Our customers are our first priority and we have launched an investigation. We are working very closely with our team in Penang to determine what happened, and to ensure our standards are always adhered to. We’re committed to quality in all that we do, and have always been dedicated to sourcing quality product that is both fresh and sustainable.”

– Dave Acton, CEO of 4Fingers

Let’s hope that Dave looks into it quickly unless he wants customers his customers to fly away.

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