What Is The Writ of Election All About?

The release of the Writ of Election solidifies the holding of Singapore’s Presidential Election this year.

Photo: Moment Magazine

As Singapore’s first ever ethnic-based presidential election, it has caused quite a stir among public in the period building up to the elections. Just today (28 Aug), Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong’s Writ of Election, which confirms that elections will be held.

What is the significance of the writ

The writ of election is a document which issues the holding of an election. Before the presidential election, the Prime Minister of Singapore is required to issue this writ in order to confirm when and where nomination will be held.

On Nomination Day (13 Sept) Singaporeans will know if the casting of votes is necessary or whether the elections will be a walkover. Presidential hopefuls will be screened by the Presidential Elections Committee on Sept 12 and decide which candidates are eligible for elections. On Nomination day, eligible candidates must also pay an election deposit of $43 500 by noon.

If only on candidate is eligible, voting will not be required and he or she will be declared President on Nomination Day.

Nomination Day will take place on 13 Sep 2017 at People’s Association, 9 King George’s Avenue.

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