SMRT Feedback exposes “Malaysian Internet Brigade” allegedly run by RMAF Major

The Major is also a public relations officer with the RMAF.

In an exclusive statement to Observer+, transborder internet vigilantes SMRT Feedack exposes a Malaysian propaganda site allegedly created by high ranking personnel of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

According to the vigilantes, the website “Air Times is owned by one RMAF Major, Kamarulzaman Ali.

Whois record of airtimes.my

Extract of email sent to high-ranking personnels in Malaysia’s military

Major Ali is a public relations officer from the RMAF:

Extract from The Star

Air Times is an online media publication focused on Malaysia’s sociopolitical and national security news.

“Internet brigades are nothing new. We usually turn a blind eye. But when you have propaganda sites inciting hate and war-mongering through disinformation campaigns, then a line has been crossed.”

– Vigilantes, SMRT Feedback

The vigilantes also alleged that based on their research, there seems to be a “coordinated disinformation campaign against Singapore’s military and national interests” in recent weeks.

What triggered the expose was when Air Times published a video alleging an Apache helicopter from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) “intruding” into Malaysia’s territorial waters in Johor.

Here’s the video:

The video was shared in a Facebook fan page named “Kelab Penyokong Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (Supporters’ club of the Malaysian Military)“. The page itself regularly post updates from Air Times.

RSAF AH64 Apache membuat tinjauan udara sambil dengan riak menceroboh ruang udara serta sempadan maritim Malaysia. Pihak ATM, silalah “show of force”. Tentera singapura bukan berani mana. Harap peralatan sahaja. Masuk hutan Malaysia, dah tentu minta bibik angkat beg #HelloMINDEF

Posted by Kelab Penyokong Angkatan Tentera Malaysia on Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The news has since been debunked as fake by the Malaysian Deputy Defence Minister Senator Liew Chin Tong. This was confirmed by the Malaysian Chief of Air Force Gen Tan Sri Affendi Buang.

It is therefore ironic that Air Times, a website allegedly owned by a member of Malaysia’s armed forces is publishing fake news – without retraction – despite the statement from the Malaysian defence ministry.

Another page highlighted by SMRT Feedback is “Malaysia Military Power“. A cursory look at the page includes content that seems to be calculated to rile up Malaysians against Singapore’s military and government.

Hahahah diorg pun tahu diorg akan kalah hahahahahNi page pembangkang kat Singa pura pura..Kuat no dia api2 kan…

Posted by Malaysia Military Power on Friday, 14 December 2018

Interestingly, “Win with words” seems to be the brigade’s motto as seen in this image here from Berita Tentera Darat Malaysia (Malaysia’s Army News).

SMRT Feedback said: “Singaporeans and Malaysians – minus the senseless politics – have good relations with one another. Please don’t spoil it.”

This story is developing.

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