Popular extension cord models sold in S’pore deemed fire hazards

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Light up your world

Most people don’t think twice when buying an extension cord product — “if it has enough plug points, it’s good to go”.

You might want to dispel that form of thinking because the Hong Kong government has issued a warning for 5 extension cord models, most of which are sold in Singapore.

Overheating and fire hazard risks

All of the extension cord models below don’t meet the relevant safety requirements set by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of Hong Kong, mainly because the wires used are too thin, making them prone to overheating and catching fire.

These are the models available in Singapore

1. Remax RU-S4

Source: Shopee

2. LDNIO SC3301

Source: Shopee

3. LDNIO SC3604

Source: Shopee

It is worrying that close to a thousand of these extension cords has been sold in Singapore. Imagine the level of risk this poses to Singaporean households.

These models are not available in Singapore

4. Unbranded – Model: ZGN-T06

5. Unbranded – Model: ZGN-T08 (sold in Malaysia)

Source: Lazada

Public advised to stop using immediately

If you or anyone you know is using these extension cord brands, you are encouraged to stop to prevent unnecessary harm.

EMSD reminds buyers to examine the safety information attached to extension cord models. Ensure they comply with the British Standard (BS 1363), where the cords must measure at least 1.25 square millimetres.

Photo: EMSD

Shopee and Lazada have yet to take down the listings at this time of writing.

For other things banned, yet sold in Singapore, see here: Singapore is still selling a cosmetic product with scheduled poison banned in Malaysia.

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