PAP MP concerned with S’poreans not getting enough sunlight; sought answers in Parliament

This is the most important article you should read today.

Move aside SAF, hawkers, and The Online Citizen, there’s a more important question that needs to be answered in Parliament:

You would think that a sunny island nation near the equator would have her residents getting enough sunlight.


Thanks to PAP MP Yee Chia Hsing, we found out in Parliament on Monday (Nov 19) that 40% of Singaporeans have Vitamin D deficiencies, with another 8% in the ‘very deficient’ category.

Mr Hsing sought clarification from the Ministry of Health (MOH) on the “estimated percentage of the population that is deemed deficient in Vitamin D and whethere where are measures to increase awareness of the risks associated with Vitamin D deficiency“.

Indeed, that was a very important question.

MOH response which is equally important:
…40% and 8% respectively of Singaporeans were deficient and very deficient for Vitamin D…. The Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommends a diet containing foods rich in Vitamin D, such as eggs and oily fish, and at least five to 30 minutes of sun exposure at least twice a week.

In fact, a more important question would be: Who is this guy?

Yee Chia Hsing is a PAP MP with Choa Chu Kang GRC. He is a banker with CIMB bank. Here’s a video of Hsing speaking about more important topics:

Look at him holding the mic like he’s about to do a Jay Z.

On other important news, every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.

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