Online S’pore bookstore singled out by SMRT Feedback for selling extremist Islamic books

SMRT Feedback strikes again.


Singapore’s only vigilanteh group, SMRT Feedback has identified the online bookstore that previously carried publications by extremist Singaporean preacher, Ustaz Rasul Dahri.

In a multi-cultural society like Singapore, the Government has zero tolerance for individuals with deliberate intentions to wound the religious or racial feelings of any person, even if such act is done indirectly, like in the case of an online bookseller.

The bookstore named “Online Islamic Bookshelf” is registered to 31-year-old Nur Fashihah.

The Facebook administrator of “Online Islamic Bookshelf Dot Com” also posted a video titled “Evidence that Ustaz Rasul Dahri is not a spreader of violence“, refuting claims of extremist teachings by Rasul Dahri.

The video caption read, “Lately Ustaz Rasul are often associated with Terrorism and ISIS. Hopefully, this short video can disguise the misunderstandings of the parties who make the allegations that are not fundamentally. May Allah preserve Al-Fadhil Ustaz.

However, further investigations by the self-styled vigilanteh in collaboration with Observer+ revealed incriminating texts from the banned publications that were offensive and controversial. Here’s an excerpt extracted from one of Rasul Dahri’s books:

“Inventing new forms of prayers to suit their style of worship are characteristics of the Jews and Christians, and that there is a place in hell for them.”

– Ustaz Rasul Dahri

You can read more here: Here are the controversial statements in Ustaz Rasul Dahri’s banned publications.

According to Free Malaysia Today, terror suspect Mas Selamat Kastari of Singapore, whom Malaysian police arrested in April 2009, was reportedly a student in Rasul Dahri’s classes in Johor between 1987 and 1989 before deciding to join Jemaah Islamiyah (JI).

Rasul Dahri himself was arrested three times in 2016 in Malaysia. Seven of his books were already previously banned by Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council and the Penang Religious Department. It is therefore unusual that the owner of the online bookstore would carry his books, let alone publish a video in support of the extremist preacher.

It is not known if there are any other controversial publications being offered by the bookstore and whether the authorities will be taking any further action.

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