Man accidentally drinks acid while engrossed playing PUBG Mobile

He tripped on acid.

Photo: Noypigeeks and India Mart

Is it still hyperbole to say PUBG has ruined lives?

Let’s see: A kid murdered someone for making fun of his avatar in Egypt, a man leaves his pregnant wife to keep on playing the game, and now it made an Indian man drink acid.

I think “ruining lives” is an understatement.

The 25-year-old father of one was sitting in the compound outside his house playing PUBG on his phone when he felt thirsty, as reported by Times of India.

He grabbed this first bottle he could find and took a swig not knowing it was actually acid.

The Chhindwara man was rushed to a hospital in Nagpur for urgent treatment. As his condition wasn’t improving, he was transferred to and fro twice by his family who didn’t want him to be identified.

Doctors found various ulcers in his stomach that led to an obstruction. Throughout the entire ordeal, the man couldn’t eat at all and lost up to 6 kgs in a matter of days.

Luckily an operation he received last month seemed to cure him of his ailment.

Dr Manan Gogiya, the doctor that attended to him was incredulous that such an accident could even occur. Speaking about his patient, he said:

“But even during treatment, he was busy playing the game on his phone. And when he was not playing games, he would be watching movies on his phone.”

Although we applaud his passion (and appalled at his ignorance), let’s hope he doesn’t zero in on that weed killer by mistaking it for an ‘energy drink’.


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