Launch of Saudi Arabia’s girl’s council without any female member

The Quassim Girls’ Council was subjected to online ridicule following published pictures of the 13-men council. Women attendees were also seated in a different room during the launch.

PHOTO: DailyMail

SAUDI ARABIA – Quassim Girls’ Council, an initiative aimed at achieving a more women-inclusive society in Saudi Arabia ahs been mocked.

The 13-men council is to be headed by Princess Abir bint Salman. However, she was not featured in any photographs of the council. The princess is married to Prince Faisal Mishal bin Saud, the governor of al-Qassim.

Ironically, the picture of the council lacked any female members.

A Twitter user, Sarah Abdallah, posted a caption to the council’s picture, questioning if it was satire.

Source: Sarah Abdallah

Saudi Arabia currently holds one of the strictest gender segregation laws in world where women are not allowed to drive.

The council’s aim was to expand the women workforce in the conservative Islamic kingdom by creating telework jobs.

Telework jobs are those that can be done from home. It aims to create about 141,000 telework jobs for women and the disabled.

The launch of the council is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform plan, which is being led by King Salman, to improve the country’s economy and workforce diversity.

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