Funeral director gets flak for ‘opportunistic’ post on deceased NSMan


Funeral parlours are the last few people you entrust your loved ones with, in the case of death. But what if such trust gets violated?

Enter Angjolie Mei, owner of funeral parlour The Life Celebrant.

Ang was understood to be the embalmer, working alongside another funeral company appointed by the family of the deceased.

According to a Facebook post published yesterday (Jan 25), Ang penned her thoughts for Aloysius and shared incredibly intimate details of the embalming process:

“We changed you into your favourite black outfit. Your stubbles, we delicately trimmed. Your signature eyebrows, we carefully brushed. Your beautiful face, we gently touched up. Your hairstyle, your stylist, gingerly styled to perfection.”

– Angjolie Mei, embalmer


While some netizens thanked Ang for sharing her experience, most were appalled at the seemingly lack of professionalism on Ang’s part.

Some dismissed the post as a marketing stunt for her funeral company:


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