Here are the controversial statements in Ustaz Rasul Dahri’s banned publications

“Democracy is filthy.”


A handful of Ustaz Rasul bin Dahri’s supporters had questioned if there were political motives behind the ban of nine of his publications by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) on Tuesday (Jun 20).

Rasul Dahri had been preaching racial and religious exclusivity in a nation known for its diverse and multi-religious society, something the people of Singapore cannot stand for.

Facebook user Muhammad Asri said:

“Local Ustaz are lazy to find out more about the religion. The local asatizah community do not even know why Rasul Dahri’s publications are being banned, they are just following MUIS (i.e the government) directions who will ban books not in line with their understanding of the religion or the government. They are just abusing the power (i.e. nothing new there. They are cowards and are referred to as dogs in the Quran.”

Further investigations by Observer+ in collaboration with SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh revealed excerpts from Rasul’s publications that are deemed offensive. Here are the incriminating texts from his book:

Controversial text #1: The Islam practiced in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, is a departure from the teachings of the true Islam

Book: Salah Faham Dr Harun Din Dalam Persoalan Bid’ah & Perchanggahannya
Topic: Bahagian Keempat Ulasan (R.D = Rasul Dahri)
Page: 48-49

In reference to Dr Harun Din, a Malaysian spiritual leader, he had questioned why Dr Harun is preaching Islamic values when he himself does not practise it. Rasul Dahri was referring to the keeping of a beard as obligatory, but Dr Harun’s face is “bald and smooth”. He had also implied Jews are hypocrites.

What he said (translated):

“There are a lot of followers of Imam Syafie* who have a lot of excuses and use inventive words.…Why is Dr Harun Din telling us to follow the book (Al-Quran) when he himself does not practise what he preach. Be careful of people like him! God hates people who speaks like the Jews who does not put their words into action.”

*There are 8 schools of thought in Islam including different sects like Sunni and Shia schools, each led by different religious jurist. In general, Muslims in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, follow the school of thought led by Imam Al Syafi’i (Syafie).

Controversial text #2: Deviant Muslims are like Jews and Christians, and there is a place in hell reserved for them

Book: Siri 2: Imam Syafie (Rahimahullah) Mengharamkan Kenduri Arwah, Tahlilan, Yasinan & Selamatan
Topic: Hukum Mendoakan Orang Mati
Page: 98

Rasul Dahri was referring to the practise of Muslims (specifically followers of Imam Syafie) of praying (or saying prayers) for the dead. He asserted that this was deviant from the practise of Islam and that such new inventions in contrast to the word of God, invented to suit their own needs are characteristics of the Jews and Christians.

What he said (translated):

“Inventing new forms of prayers to suit their style of worship are characteristics of the Jews and Christians, and that there is a place in hell for them.”

Controversial text #3: Sufism is a teaching which needs to be opposed

Book: Bahaya Tarikat Sufi/Tasawuf Terhadap Masyarakat
Topic: Hakikat Tasawuf
Page: 3

Sufism is an established form of Islamic spirituality, often referred to as Islamic mysticism. While more prevalent in Turkey and Iran, there is still a sizeable Sufi community in Singapore.

What he said (translated):

“Sufism is an idealogical invention of the enemies of Islam, including the Jews, Christians and Zoroastrian, to destroy the values and teachings of the true Islam from within. It is also aimed at breaking apart the Muslim community.”

Controversial text #4: “Democracy is filthy and a lie concocted by Western imperialists and greedy capitalist Jews.”

Book: Demokrasi Pilihanraya & Mengundi – Satu Kajian Menurut Penilaian Al-Quran & As-Sunnah
Topic: Islam Against Democracy
Page: 127

What he said (translated):

“Democracy is not pragmatic. It’s filthy, vile and a product of a lie by Western Imperialism and greedy capitalist Jews. It’s a deception by Satan for Muslims who are influenced by worldly temptations.”

Controversial text #5: “Muslims who strive to establish a government based on non-islamic laws are ignorant.”

Book: Demokrasi Pilihanraya & Mengundi – Satu Kajian Menurut Penilaian Al-Quran & As-Sunnah
Topic: Islam Against Democracy
Page: 132

What he said (translated):

“In Islam’s view, Muslims who follow Islamic teachings while at the same time striving for political democracy to form a Government ruled by non-Islamic laws are ignorant.”

Controversial text #6: “Muslims should establish an Islamic state by way of an armed struggle or proselytising of Islam.”

Book: Demokrasi Pilihanraya & Mengundi – Satu Kajian Menurut Penilaian Al-Quran & As-Sunnah
Topic: Islam Against Democracy
Page: 137

What he said (translated):

“There is only one call in Quran which is the call to jihad, either with arms (weapons) or with the preaching of Islam. This is so that we can enact laws from the Quran and reap the rewards of martyrdom.”

Controversial text #7: “God forbids Muslims from being involved in a democratic society.”

Book: Demokrasi Pilihanraya & Mengundi – Satu Kajian Menurut Penilaian Al-Quran & As-Sunnah
Topic: Islam Against Democracy
Page: 138

What he said (translated):

“There’s no call in the Quran that commands Muslims to be the voice of the people or to strive for political democracy because at the end of the day, many (people in a democratic society) are ignorant.”

In conclusion, the ideology advocated by Rasul Dahri is detrimental to a democratic society like Singapore. Not only are the texts offensive, they are also dangerous and divisive. The ban on Rasul Dahri’s publications demonstrates Singapore’s commitment to prevent the promotion of enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion or race.

Who is Ustaz Rasul Dahri

Rasul Dahri, 64, is an extremist Singaporean preacher who was arrested three times in 2016 in Malaysia. Seven of his books were already previously banned by Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council and the Penang Religious Department. According to Free Malaysia Today, terror suspect Mas Selamat Kastari of Singapore, whom Malaysian police arrested in April 2009, was reportedly a student in Rasul Dahri’s classes in Johor between 1987 and 1989 before deciding to join Jemaah Islamiyah (JI).

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