A look back at SMRT Feedback’s past predictions and what they forsee next in 2019

They predicted 3 election results right down to the decimal and foresaw the period in which LKY’s death will occur

Trolls, vigilantes, satirists, and accidental seer? If Europe had Nostradamus, Singapore has well, SMRT Feedback.

The popular Facebook group has released their predictions for 2019:

No.6 is obviously debatable. Although their shirts don’t look too shabby!

Just early this month, they made a prediction alluding to the death of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad:

While trolls are not to be taken seriously, SMRT Feedback’s past predictions might give us cause to ponder further. Let’s take a look back at what they predicted and what actually happened.

Prediction: Election results for the General Elections 2011 (GE2011), Hougang by-election 2012 (Hougang 2012), and Punggol East by-election 2013 (Punggol 2013)

Results: Average accuracy of 91.85% (GE2011), 99.62% (Hougang 2012), 85.85% (Punggol 2013)

SMRT Feedback predicted the results of Punggol 2013 by-election a week in advance.

A Hougang by-election was held on 26 May 2012 because it’s Member of Parliament (MP) Yaw Shin Leong from the Workers’ Party was expelled on account of a rumoured extramarital affair with a fellow member of the same party. Speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer at the time announced the seat vacant before the by-election was called.

Interestingly, Michael Palmer who was the MP for Punggol East and a member of the People’s Action Party also had to resign from his seat due to an extramarital affair leading to another by-election for Punggol East on 26 January 2013.

Prediction: Period in which General Elections 2015 (GE2015) will be held and the formation of a new political party in the same year

Results: GE2015 was held within the period SMRT Feedback claimed it would occur; the People’s Power Party led by Goh Meng Seng was formed in 2015

SMRT Feedback predicted two months in advance in July 2015 that:

  • Sept 6 to 19 will be a hot week (referring to GE2015)
  • A new political party will be formed

The 2015 Singaporean general election was held on 11 September 2015. In the same year, the People’s Power Party (PPP) led by opposition leader Goh Meng Seng was formed. The latter is however contentious because PPP was first registered on 15 May 2015 and was founded on 16 July 2015, a week prior to the troll’s prediction on 27 July 2015.

Prediction: Death of Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) within a particular period

Results: LKY died within the period SMRT Feedback claimed it would occur

SMRT Feedback tweeted on February 23, 2015, exactly a month before LKY’s death on March 23, 2015, that “the flag will be flown at half-mast at the turn of Spring before the Northen Solstice.”

The “turn of Spring” denotes a time period of between 20 March 2018 – where Spring begins – and ends on 21 June 2018. The Northen Solstice occurred on 22 June 2018.

Commenters on SMRT Feedback’s Facebook post at the time of LKY’s death had these to say:

But the trolls weren’t always accurate.

In 2013, they predicted that the next General Elections (GE) will happen in 2016 when it actually happened in 2015.

They even made a bold prediction that the next GE will be in 2021 and that the PAP will “lose majority share to WP in the subsequent election in GE 2026”.

The next Singapore general election must be held by 15 January 2021 so, we will just have to wait and see if SMRT Feedback is correct.

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