23-year-old single mom splurges GBP£21,419 in 2 weeks after wrongful bank transaction

A 23-year-old single mom received a wrongful deposit of GBP£43,7000 into her bank account and proceeded to go on a shopping spree, spending almost half of the money. The culprit was charged with 13 counts of theft, managing to dodge the 18 month jail sentence with a fine of GBP£800 and 150 hours of community service instead.

PHOTO: The Sun

IRELAND – 23-year-old Margaret McDonnell probably thought Christmas came early when she checked her bank account and found an additional GBP£43,7000 in it by accident. The single mother proceeded to splurge on gifts for friends, restaurant dinners and necessities for her 2 children.

The money had been wrongly deposited into McDonnell’s account, due to a mistake by a Bank of Ireland teller, who was supposed to transfer the money into a customer’s foreign account. The customer later checked the IBAN number he was given, but realised that the money wasn’t there, and got in touch with the bank.

The bank sent McDonnell a letter about the money but realising she was in trouble, she ignored the letter.

“It was in my account so as far as I was concerned, it was mine. Any young girl on social welfare like me would have done what I did.”

– Margaret McDonnell

McDonnell pleaded guilty to 13 charges of theft in court, stealing GBP£21,419, but the judge decided that she would only have to pay back GBP£800 and complete 150 hours of community service instead of a 18 month jail term. As a single mother on welfare, she will only be able to pay GBP£12 a week out of the GBP£214 she receives as her allowance.

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