This pool float has a great design to accommodate big boobs

No more squishy-squishy.

Women have for a long time complained about everyday items with bad design principles that just work better for their male counterparts. From seemingly trivial details like pants with 3 inch deep pockets to severe issues that lead to cancelled space missions because of the lack of space suits that fit female astronauts.

Hoping to turn things around is this lingerie brand called Bravissimo that makes clothing for big-breasted women, who are often neglected in terms of fashion choices.

Body-hugging floatie

Now, they’ve released a pool float for the bigger girls among us. The design makes sure that women can lay face down and chill in the pool during that Singaporean perma-summer without feeling like their chest twins are getting in the way.

What started out as an April fools joke grew to become a full-fledged product after customers demanded to have it in their hands.

Customers are loving it

Based on the reviews, the Bravissimo Lilo seems like a must-buy for anyone thinking of taking a vacation.

Someone even suggested that the brand release a spa massage table with a similar kind of indent.

I think most women would want a bed with a similar design instead. Have you tried laying face down with huge boobs? Not pleasant.

If you wanna snag your own “Lilo” for S$44, head over here. See you at the pool. Guys, don’t fret if you feel left out. We’re sure they’ll come up with something for the well-endowed soon enough.

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