Over 6,000 classic children books are now free to read online

Our inner child is silently screaming

Image: University of Florida Baldwin Library

We all want what’s best for our kids (and us of course), and that means giving them the best reading material we can find.

Children’s books aren’t exactly the cheapest, so maintaining a child’s reading habits can be quite costly.

Good news for your kiddies (and some of us adults in the room) – some of the most high-quality and classic children’s books are available online, and they’re absolutely free!

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Thanks to the University of Florida’s Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, over 6,000 children books are digitised, ready for your hungry eyes to read online or download as e-books.

The books range from classics such as Alice and Wonderland, Aesop’s Fables, Robinson Crusoe and more.

They don’t skimp on the classics!

Although one of its main intention of the online resource is for academic purposes, we can’t help but rejoice.

It allows researchers a glimpse into childhood literature, and ideas and the values that surround them in each era from whence they originated—started from the mid-17th century now we here.

Religious instruction was a popular genre in the Victorian era.

Victorian-era children’s literature was pretty well, lit.

With most if not all of today’s out-of-school learning coming from the internet and mobile devices, kids of today could most definitely benefit from reading materials going digital.

And of course, so could adults who are curious about what it was like to grow up in different times like the Victorian era – or just want a nostalgia trip.

You’ll find plenty of beautiful vintage illustrations.

More and more books are being added to the archive made available through grants by organisations to the Baldwin library.

So just like your average bookstore, readers can check back for new releases but from the comfort of your own home.

This is a wonderful resource for curious kids and adults alike either for entertainment, educational or academic purposes.

Kids aside, we might just steal these for ourselves. Tell us which one of the titles in Baldwin’s Library of Historical Children’s Literature is your favourite.

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