Rapist tries to set woman on fire but she drags him in and kills HIM instead

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In Kolkatta, India, an Indian woman narrowly escapes with her life from getting burned to death by her rapist when she managed to drag him into the flames, local police report yesterday (Mar 6).

She survived with burns to her face and hands while the man in question was not so lucky.

The alleged rape victim who is a 35-year-old widow said that the rapist aged 42 years-old, broke into her home when her children were not around (Mar 4).

An Indian woman who was raped, doused with oil, and set on fire, killed her attacker by dragging him into the flames, police said today (file picture)

She told the police,

“Then he poured kerosene on my body and set me on fire.”

Neighbours rushed to her aid when they noticed the thick smoke emanating from her home only to find the man who lay charred next to an empty bottle of kerosene.

Indian women have been protesting rape culture and impunity for years.

The man was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries, the morning after the incident occurred on Tuesday (Mar 5).

Government’s efforts bump up with mounting public outrage

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Rampant sexual violence seemingly continues unfettered in India where victims feel as though they are left unprotected from a sluggish judiciary and lack of more stringent policies.

Cases like these where victims take “instant justice” into their own hands are becoming more frequent.

Late last year, a woman cut off her stalker’s penis after he kept harassing the mother of two for sexual favours, then rushed him to the hospital to save his life.

Public anger mounts against the high numbers of assaults that still persist in India.

Last year, protests were unleashed from the rape and murder of an  8-year old girl in a village templeand a separate case involving a state lawmaker and a 17-year old victim.

The teenager’s family fought for a year unsuccessfully to have her case registered against her alleged rapist, a ruling party politician.

The teenager’s case was finally heard after her attempt at self-immolation outside the state leader’s house but her father died after sustaining injuries from an alleged beating while in police custody.

The Indian government finally decreed the death penalty for child rapists last April, and more developments are set to be in order.

“The ministry is sensitive to the plight of young children brutally abused in the most horrific manner,”

– The government in a statement to a Supreme Court hearing reported by Press Trust of India.

The people of India and the world are waiting with bated breath in anticipation of change.


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