Najib falls asleep during his court hearing

Photo: Philippine News

Court cases can get mighty boring if you’ve ever been stuck in one say, for a traffic offence. But one would think if you’ve been charged for embezzling millions of dollars, you’d perk up slightly.

We can count on Najib, to show us that’s not the case.

The ex-Malaysian Prime Minister (does this even need a reintroduction) had to be woken up by a police officer during the appeal of his guilty verdict on three counts of money laundering amounting to RM27 million (~S$9 million) of SRC International funds five years ago.

His counsel Havinderjit Singh was submitting a reply to Attorney General Tommy Thomas at the moment.

A police officer noticed Najib, who had nodded off in front of the accused dock.

He walked over him, tapped his shoulder and muttered something to him, to which Najib acknowledged and remained awake throughout the rest of the proceedings.

In Malaysia, no one in the court is allowed to sleep, be it the accused or those in the public gallery.

Last Friday (Mar 15), Najib left the court without permission to go to the bathroom, forcing the judges to call for an adjournment so lawyers could look for him.

How many incidents does it take to be charged with contempt of court?

The court of appeal will announce their verdict on Thursday (21 March).

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