Man robs woman but returns money when he saw her ATM balance was $0

Image: btime

An ‘honourable’ Chinese thief made headlines and won praise from netizens when he committed a weirdly kind gesture.

CCTV footage showed the man robbing a woman named Li just as she withdrew money from her ATM. She was about to leave when he approached her from behind holding a knife demanding all her money.

Li complied and handed him over the 2,500 yuan ($500) she just withdrew.

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He asks to see her bank account balance as he was evidently unsatisfied with the small amount, according to Shanghaiist.

Image: btime

To his surprise, she had nothing in her account. She had withdrawn every cent she had left in there of which he was holding on to.

Apparently amused by his discovery, he returns her money and leaves with a smile on his face. Kinda insulting, tbh.

Image: btime

He must have not raked up enough good karma because he was arrested by police shortly after.

Image: btime

Sigh. Too little, too late.

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