Man caught grave robbing and drinking bone broth from boiled 18th-century skeleton

Victorian man soup for the soul.

The All Saints Cemetery in Newfoundland, Canada is a historic graveyard that’s old, to say the least.

The Anglican cemetery is the final resting place for bodies dating back to the 1700s—or so the townspeople thought.

On April 5, slightly after midnight, one man thought the spirits that reside in these historical graves would be better off making a new home at the bottom of his stomach.

A witness who saw a young man licking what appeared to be bones, promptly called the police.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) caught 20-year-old Canadian, Lucas Dawe, by following a trail of “quite old” skeletal remains on the grass on a recreational trail that led from the cemetery.

Lucas Dawe, the suspect in custody. Source: Twitter/Renell LeGrow

Dawe had allegedly stolen the skeletal remains to make a hearty bowl of bone broth. He was charged with possessing a stolen skeleton and interfering with human remains.

Police have identified that the deceased died sometime in the 1800s.

What in hell’s name is Bone Broth

We doubt he had the time to add chopped carrots. Source: The Bulletproof Blog

As macabre as the context is, bone broth is actually pretty great for health reasons and delicious to boot. Chock full of collagen, it’s great for the gut lining, reduces inflammation and is overall amazing for skin appearance.

However, drinking bone broth made from century-old human remains is most probably ill-advised.

We doubt this Lovecraftian concoction brewed by this young Canadian man likely had other reasons behind it other than gut health or keeping those wrinkles at bay.

What will the neighbours think

Source: Handout

The grisly case of grave plundering and cannibalism has shaken things up in the quiet provincial town with a population of just 26,000 people in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland.

“Cases like this, this is the first time that I know of and I was involved in Newfoundland,” said Dr Nash Denic, the province’s chief medical examiner.

A neighbour of the cemetery itself, Samantha Hawley, was left disturbed as she and her husband’s house deck overlooks the pristine view of the picturesque centuries-old graveyard.  What’s worse, she’s even admitted she encountered the suspect on the same weekend he committed the crime.

Safe to say, the mental image of police tape surrounding the area and the RNC officer guarding it days after the incident would be hard to shake the next time she takes her tea up on the deck.

Source: Handout

The All Saints Parish that sits adjoining the cemetery in question too, was nonplussed at this sort of crime happening on their grounds.

Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Sam Rose, has said:

“This is the type of thing you never can imagine happening, you kind of hear about it happening in sort of fairy tales and stuff. It’s quite an unfortunate situation in which a young man with troubles (allegedly) decided to take this action.”

The living relatives of the deceased have been contacted and the remains will be re-interred and the site re-consecrated. Possibly to avoid any further potential plot twists.

The church of Conception Bay South has released its statement that it holds no ill will against the perpetrator because,

“The church is meant to be a forgiving community”

— Archdeacon Rose.

The relatives of the victim might beg to differ though.

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