Domestic worker caught stealing employer’s money by hiding it in drink packets

This woman needs to be a part of MENSA.

Photo: Nicole Lew

The best part is, she could have gotten away with it if she didn’t act so goddamn shifty.

A woman by the name of Nicole posted videos which showed her catching her domestic worker red-handed trying to smuggle money to her home country.

Nicole was in the car sending her employee to the airport and realised she was acting bizarrely. Wondering if it could be something related to the bunch of random drink packets she wanted to take back with her, she insisted to take a look.

Lo and behold, tonnes of Nicole’s cash was inside. The recorded incident happened in their home in Selangor, Malaysia.

In the video, she was seen confronting the maid about all the cash in the drink packets but the maid wasn’t cooperating. I wouldn’t be so pliable too if I missed my flight.


Posted by Nicole Lew on Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The video shows the maid’s tactic of concealing the money from the bottom of the packet drink cartons to evade suspicion.

The maid’s bounty consisted of both Singaporean Dollars and Chinese Yuan, suspected to have been pilfered during Chinese New Year.

The money was allegedly stolen from a hong bao meant for Nicole’s son containing about RM 6,000 (S$2,000) worth of Singapore Dollar notes. She gave it to him during Chinese New Year but the hong bao was mysteriously replaced with an RM10 note instead.

Nicole immediately suspected her employee but laid the matter to rest and let her go because of lack of evidence.

Now, with videos in hand, Nicole wants to let others know sneaky thievery tactics along with pursuing legal action against the unrepentant employee.

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