64yo Woman robs blind tissue seller’s collections but is arrested a week later

A tissue seller was hard at work trying to sell her wares at the Yishun MRT underpass when a thief reportedly snatched her bag of earnings and escaped. Thanks to helpful onlookers, she was arrested and taken in for questioning a week later.

Here’s what happened

More than a week ago, Jessica Vincent posted about a robbery scene she witnessed happening on 30 April at night at the underpass of Yishun MRT towards Northpoint.

The robbery left the poor victim screaming for help, and fortunately, a woman who witnessed the whole thing wrote her account on her Facebook page (pictured above). Her account also details how another good samaritan gave chase to the robber but to no avail.

“This poor blind lady has been sitting (for) probably the whole day… How could any human do this despite how poor one can be?”

Unfortunately, the thief managed to outrun the woman who chased her. When she returned, she managed to snap a quick photo of the alleged thief which Jessica used to make a police report on May 2. The post went viral with over 13,000 shares to date.

The police responded

A week later, the police announced the arrest of the alleged 64-year-old thief at Woodlands Street 12 yesterday (May 8).

She may face up to three years of jail, fine, or both if convicted.

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