This diligent doggo is working overtime as a durian farmer this season

Jub Jib the Thai doggo is going viral online for his work ethic and cute outfits as he helps out at a durian orchard.

She isn’t just another worker on the payroll though, she’s apparently an entrepreneur that ‘owns’ and manages the orchard herself.

Here she is as the official mascot for the Jub Jib Durian Facebook page:

Est. twenty pup-teen

Jub Jib’s been in the durian business since she was a puppy in 2014 and she doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping soon.

Here she is praising her staff for a job well done.

Here she enjoys the fruits of her labour in one of her eight signature outfits:

And every year since her business is booming!

Flash forward to 2019 and Jub Jib still happy doing what she loves.

Super hard working pup

She’s not just the boss, she’s a leader who shows her staff how it’s done. Here she is tending to baby durian plants:

And washing cars…

At the end of the day, she’s just a regular gal who really appreciates her durian fix.

All photos of Jub Jib from her Facebook business page. Support this pupper’s cottage industry and order some durians from her today!

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