Spanish matador attacked ferociously by bull

A matador has been attacked by his bull during his debut tournament in Madrid’s largest bullring.

#NEWSINBRIEF SPAIN – A matador has sustained severe injuries after being gored through his throat and leg by a bull at Madrid’s largest arena, Las Ventas on Sunday (April 2). Daniel Garcia Navarrete from Jaen was flipped into the air after being gored in the leg by the 460kg bull, who then pierced his throat as he lay on the ground trying to protect himself. Officials said that the wounds were 15cm deep in the throat and 10cm in the leg. The attack was witnessed by an audience of 10,000. Staff rushed to distract the rampaging bull after Navarrete was repeatedly thrown around the ring. Navarette underwent an emergency operation and was resting in hospital on Monday (April 3).

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