Dog’s ear falls out after owner dyed its ears pink, suffered severe allergic reaction

Poor pooch!

Photo: Facebook

Some people think of their furry friends as accessories — give them a cute haircut or costume — all in the name of making them into their ideal furball that will garner likes on their “IG” (Instagram).

Do it for the Gram, right?

Unfortunately, a Thai woman took it too far when she dyed her dog’s ears neon pink, causing one of them literally, fall off according to her Facebook post on Thursday (7 Feb).

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Photo: Facebook/ Ampaipan Wachaporn

A netizen took screenshots of the owner’s posts on Facebook as the events that went from worse to worst.

Before revealing that her dog, Diffy’s ears had fallen off, she wrote a post asking netizens for advice after the dog’s ear started to droop after getting dyed.

Usually, Diffy’s ears are perked up, but the 40-minute foil wrap fur dyeing process left it somewhat floppy.

The owner said, “The store said it’ll return to normal in 2-3 days.”

Photo: Facebook/ Ampaipan Wachaporn

Photo: Facebook/ Ampaipan Wachaporn

But unfortunately, it didn’t. In a later post, the owner detailed that the worst had happened.

“It started as typical allergy symptoms like itchiness, burns to the skin and flakiness. But when the scabs from the wound fell off, her ear fell off as well.”

-Local veterinarian at Rama 8 Pet Hospital, Bangkok

Photo: Facebook/ Ampaipan Wachaporn

Coconuts Bangkok interviewed a local veterinarian to verify this incident after commenters were sceptical it was biologically possible for an ear to fall off.

It turns out, it is.

“The chemical could have burned the ear off, the salon could have done it too harshly, the dog could have developed a severe allergy to the dye. This could have been caused by a lot of reasons.”

-Local veterinarian at Rama 8 Pet Hospital, Bangkok

Photo: Facebook/ Ampaipan Wachaporn

There is no safe way to use human hair dye on dogs. Hydrogen peroxide and bleach can have disastrous effects on dogs because their bodies react differently than humans.

These ingredients can get into a dogs eye which can lead to blindness. A dog’s natural reflex to lick itself could also lead it to consume the toxic chemicals leading to internal burns.

Make sure to only look for pet-friendly and reputable alternatives if you wanna keep your pooch safe while looking cute.

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