Cockroach selfies are a thing now thanks to viral internet challenge

Please bring back the Tide Pod challenge instead.

The latest internet trend going viral as of 2 weeks ago involves kids putting cockroaches on their face. Here’s the scoop.

It all started when Burmese teen Alex Yung posted a photo of him with a cockroach right next to his right eye, inviting others to follow suit. Here’s the pioneer that started it all:

18,000 shares later and the Cockroach Challenge was born.

Here are some of the best (or worst) contenders we could find.

Photo: Last Queen/Facebook

Don’t worry, cockroaches breath from their bottoms so this one is (probably) safe.

He has all the infinity roaches. Guess we’ll have to go back in time and forget we ever saw that.

Loving this new Snapchat filter.

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Photo: Hnin Wai Wai Moe

Image from PenMerahdotcom Facebook

Photo: PenMerahdotcom/Facebook

You’re doing amazing, sweetie!

So far, we’ve yet to see any Singaporeans completing the challenge. But you’re more than welcome to go first in representing the country.

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