“Ah Fei” might be the most dramatic fat cat in the world

This cat is a mood.

People are convinced that this cat is secretly a person stuck in a feline’s body. No, we’re not talking about Garfield—he just seems to care about lasagna and is bent on making Jon’s life miserable.

Ah Fei the cat, on the other hand, is an amazingly photogenic Instagram star that is more dramatic than both Jovina Choi and Nurull Insyiirahh combined.

Thank her owner, Tang Chang, for all the entertaining photos

With over 194 pics and 21.5k followers on her Instagram, you’ll never be bored again thanks to Ah Fei.

You’re in for an “awwww”-some ride

Here he is when the cashier says, “We ran out of pearls, do you want grass jelly with your milk tea instead?”

This loveable hunk of fur is breaking the internet with all extreme faces it can pull.

He coins the look of “when you’re about to die of old age, but remember your CPF is only claimable in 15 years”:

We feel your pain, Ah Fei.

Why the face?

Ah Fei might look miserable at times, but from the looks of it, he has super loving owners.

This. Cat. Cannot. QUIT.

Ah Fei’s name means ‘fat’ in Mandarin, but he proves he’s not just any other fat cat. Ah Fei is one in a million.

Follow his owner to and add to the craze.

All images from @Tang9599’s Instagram page.

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